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I will love to send you a free letter including photography that I feel is for you personally. Contact me for your free gift!




If these love letters from God bless you, you are welcome to order the complete printable collection of blog entries including photographies (about 250 pages) for a love offering of any amount.

I will add a personal letter for you as a bonus! 




Would you like me to guide you in an encounter with God on your own journey of learning to rewrite your life from God's perspective, and/or coach you in receiving letters from Him for yourself? 


Sign up for a life-giving one on one "Rewritten Life Experience" for a love offering of any amount (Paypal to - I will get back to you to schedule a time).

I will love to come alongside you in your process of seeing your life rewritten as Papa God exchanges lies that have kept you bound with His transformational truth!*


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*Please understand that this is not traditional counseling or coaching, but an encountering God experience as HE is the GREATEST COUNSELOR of all in person! You will receive comfort, guidance and restoration from God Himself. You will see your life rewritten by learning to see things from His perspective as we position ourselves together to receive what He wants to say to you and speak to your heart directly. God always wants to make us whole spirit, soul and body (= sozo)! By replacing lies we have been believing with His truth, He rewrites our lives!