Write to see your life rewritten

Your story is waiting to be rewritten...


Do you smile a lot and seem happy, but deep inside you feel desperate and alone?


Has your heart been hurting and you have had thoughts screaming at you saying "You are not good enough!", "You will never be any (wo)man's first choice!", "Who wants a divorced (wo)man", "No one sees your pain!", "Nobody really cares about you!", "You've got to do this alone!", "There is no hope for you!", "You'll never get out of that mess!", "You'll never be able to leave that addiction behind!",....


I can assure you: All these are LIES!


Your story is waiting to be rewritten.


I have been in many of these places and gone through a process of learning to listen to the TRUTH rather than those lies.

Listening to God's truth and letting Him rewrite your life from His perspective replaces each lie you are still believing and sets you free to be fully YOU. 

God gives you BEAUTY for ASHES and GLADNESS in place of MOURNING!


If you need someone to start you on that journey of healing and freedom, I would love to coach you through the process of learning to listen to God's voice and receiving His truth! 


I would love for you to hear what God has to say to you concerning the situations and persons that have hurt you in your past. 


I would love for you to receive HIS life-giving words to instantly replace each lie that may be screaming against you.


I would love for you to see your life transformed by the truth.

This is what "rewritten life" is all about!


As you start to see how God sees things and WRITE it down, you will be forever changed!


This is my promise to you:

As you start rewriting your life from God's perspective, God himself will be with you every step of the way and keep confirming and reconfirming His love for you. God can handle every detail of your journey - even the most painful one - and HE will love to heal each wound and make you whole! That's His heart and His number 1 business! 


Would you like help with getting started?

I would love to coach you and cheer you on as you keep lifting your face up to God and keep putting your TRUST in HIM.


God is trustworthy and will ALWAYS be GOOD to you.

Every good and perfect thing comes from Him.


Whenever you seek God with what is burning on your heart, He will show you the next step to take, and the next word to write. 


Whenever you are struggling, God will give you peace as you look to Him and listen.

You can learn to rest in the peace of His constanct presence.  

Re-Writing is JOY, BLISS and GREAT FUN!
If this is what you would like to learn and receive for yourself, contact me to book a first session!