Do you smile a lot and seem happy, but deep inside you feel desperate and alone?


Has your heart been hurting and you have had thoughts screaming at you like "You are not good enough!", "You will never be anyone's first choice!", "Who wants a divorced woman?", "No one sees your pain!", "Nobody really cares about you!", "You've got to do this alone!", "There is no hope for you!", "You'll never get out of that mess!", "You'll never be able to leave that addiction behind!", ...


I can assure you: All these negative thoughts are LIES!


Your story is waiting to be rewritten!


I have been in many of these places and I have been going through a process of learning to listen to God's TRUTH rather than those lies. This is what I have found:


One word from God changes everything!

We can choose to listen to His voice rather than the negative thoughts coming against us. 


Listening to God's truth and allowing Him to rewrite our life from His perspective replaces each lie we are still believing and sets you free to be fully YOU. 
I am at my best when I am fully and authentically me.

You are at your best when you are fully and authentically you.

God gives us BEAUTY for ASHES and GLADNESS in place of MOURNING!


I want to invite you to start listening to His comforting words as often as you can and let His voice become louder than all the other voices you have heard. 


I invite you to allow Him to rewrite your life as you renew your mind in His Word.


Come and sit with God for a while and listen to what He wants to say to you as often as you can. Lean in and listen to His heart for you.


God sees you, knows you and loves you! He has the answers you have been looking for.  

As you start to see things from His perspective, you will be forever changed!


I would love for you to see your life transformed by God's truth.


This is what "Rewritten Life" is all about!


God can handle every detail of your journey - even the most painful ones - and HE will love to heal each wound and make you whole! 


God is trustworthy and will ALWAYS be GOOD to you. Every good and perfect thing comes from Him.


Whenever we seek God with what is burning on our hearts, He will show us the next step to take, and the next word to write. 


Whenever we are struggling, God will give us His perfect peace as we look to Him and listen.

You can learn to rest in the peace of His constanct presence.  


If you feel you need someone to come alongside you in your personal process of learning to listen to God's voice and receiving His truth concerning the very specific situations you have felt stuck in, please feel free to reach out!


I will love to come alongside you and help you receive His very personal life-giving words to you. His truth will replace each lie that may still have been screaming out loud against you in your very specific situation.


You can see YOUR life rewritten!


P.S. You can also find these Rewritten Life Lavished Love Letters on YouTube:

Relax, put the volume up, and let them wash over your soul!