Your story - rewritten.

Great stories are always stories of redemption.


In a great story we want to read about characters we can identify with, and we want to see them in great trouble. We want to see them go through the good, the bad and the ugly. We want to see them facing the worst imaginable hardships, to be heartbroken, in danger and alone. We want to tremble with them, and be unsettled on their behalf. We want to see them utterly deprived, deserted, overwhelmingly challenged, terribly stuck - and even dying a gruesome death... while at the same time hoping for a relief in the end! We instinctively wait for even the most exciting, nerve-wrecking story to take a sudden turn towards the end, so that the bad are punished and the good redeemed - so that we - as readers or spectators can take a breath, all relieved.

Yet in real life we can't stand situations that are even remotely hard and unsettling. If "bad things" do happen, we still tend to run away, get depressed, pity ourselves, stuff ourselves with food, binge on Netflix or find other ways of escape, just not to feel the pain. We moan and groan and complain, we think "Why me?" or we even tend to commit suicide, not expecting our own life to ever have the chance to take a happy ending again.


How many people in their right minds would consider hardships as great chances for personal growth while in the middle of them? 


Yet, they do happen - even though we would all much rather choose for our lives to be never-ending "happy" stories.


When bad things happen in real life ever so often we still (unconsciously?) choose ways of self-destruction and make bad choices without foreseeing their destructive consequences and then we try to close our eyes and hope that no one sees our shame... We ever so often don't even dare to hope for a happy ending, we keep things to ourselves - only to see our wounds surfacing at the most unwanted, inconvenient moments, developing a great power of destruction for ourselves and the people around us, especially those we love most and who are closest to us. We choose to live in denial...


Have we learned anything from the stories we have read or watched?

Still the consequences of regretted decisions is what we tend to drag behind...


How come we tend to forget that our lives are some of the greatest stories ever written, stories that - just like any good story - can be told from one perspective or the other.


I am here to tell you: Yes it can!

YOUR STORY can be a perfect story of redemption!

YOUR STORY can be rewritten!


God has a different perspective of many of the things that have happened in your life.
Sure, God cannot make things you've done or gone through undone, but He can and wants to heal the wounds you've suffered and give you a new and happy tune in place of the broken record that may have been playing and replaying in your head because of the lies you have believed as a consquence of painful experiences, poor choices or bad circumstances. 


There is hope for YOU to turn YOUR STORY - however twisted - into a happy ending!

There is hope for your story to become a great story of redemption to His glory!


YOUR STORY is waiting to be REWRITTEN!


Feel free to reach out and ask for a Rewritten Life Experience if you'd like some help as you embark on your journey of seeing your life rewritten.