Have you been longing to write your book, but never really got there?

Your readers are waiting to receive the same breakthroughs you have had,
to read your REWRITTEN LIFE story!
This is why I am inviting you to come and sit with God for a while
and write with Him alongside us:



on Zoom at 12 p.m. EST Monday-Friday

Lean in and listen to His voice as you co-write your book with Him.


If you want even more Spirit-filled guidance in how to get started writing your book, this one of a kind self-paced


(55 sessions)


will help you encounter God in each of your writing times!


Write in His presence and intentionally pen what He is placing on your heart! 
Lean into Him each time you sit down to write and hear Him saying:
"My Beloved,
Come and sit with Me for a while. 
Lean in and listen.
Allow Me to rewrite your life from My perspective."
There is no more rewarding way
than choosing to be His scribe and co-authoring with Him:
Enroll here: