Write your book with God

Have you been longing to write your book but never really got there?

Have distractions and life worn you down and stopped you from making your dream come true?
Maybe you’ve started writing your book but lost heart and just never finished.
Maybe this burden has been weighing heavily on you because you know that there are people out there who are waiting for you to share your story and help them have the breakthrough you have had.
Trust me, I've been there too! 
I've now devoted the last year of my life to finding out how to do it, to learning all I can about book-writing and to finishing my first three books in order to be able to offer you tools and strategies that will help you get there faster! 
I have been digging into God to write my books with Him and together with Him I have created a course-bundle that will lay out the steps for you in a daily message from God that will motivate you and keep catapulting you forward (see below).
My heart is burning to see you release your message and take it to the world!
I believe in you - YOU CAN DO IT! 
You are called to co-author your book with God, just like I have been co-authoring mine with Him.
You can learn everything I've learned and experience God speaking directly to your heart in my upcoming book:
Pre-order now for $21 USD to receive a downloadable copy as soon as the book is sent off to be printed (followed by your printed copy on the date of release - 21 July '21).
I am inviting you to consider investing even further in your book breakthrough and progress by sowing into my upcoming
  1. 44 Days to Birth your Book with God - ONLINE COURSE                                                                                  (4 = number of creation!) 
  2. Write your Book with God! -  E-BOOK (Release Date: 21 June '21)
  3. Writers' Community with weekly group writing sessions                                 (motivation and accountability - 4 months membership)
  4. Regular group coaching events and Q&A (4 months membership)
  5. 4 on demand 40 min 1 on 1 coaching sessions to discuss your book and your progress
  6. Regular prophetic encouragement from the heart of God inside the group
  7. Frequent check-ins to hold you accountable


All it will take is COMMITMENT and CONSISTENCY
I will commit to pouring into you and cheering you on.
I will believe in you that you can do it and I will do my best to hold you accountable!
Will you commit to spending as little as half an hour/an hour with God daily?
Will you commit to writing in His presence, to pen what He is placing on your heart?
Constant progress will get you there!

I will love to help you set your goal and keep advancing toward it.
I will love holding you accountable and celebrating with you every step of the way, from the introduction to the epilogue!
Let's do this together! The time is NOW!
Sow into your progress NOW at the special discounted *PRE-ORDER price of $197 USD (for founding members only! $297 USD from 21 July '21)
If your heart is stirred, put some skin in the game and sign up NOW! This will be one of the greatest investments you'll ever have made. Regrets are a LOT more expensive!
I am looking forward to knowing you and seeing you birth your book!
​*You will get access to the 44 Days to Birth your Book with God online-course immediately on signing up and receive the book as soon as it comes out.


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