Have you been longing to write your book but never really got there?

Have distractions and life worn you down and stopped you from making your dream come true?
My heart is burning to see you finish your book and get it into the hands of the people who need to hear YOUR REWRITTEN LIFE STORY to help them have the breakthrough you have had!
This is why I am inviting you to sit with God daily and co-author your book with Him:



comes with a lot of BONUS-EXTRAS:                                                                                


Write your Book with God self-paced online course (55 days/sessions) plus

  1. Daily group writing sessions on Zoom at 10:30 a.m. EST                            
  2. 1 on 1 coaching sessions to discuss your book and your progress
  3. Regular encouragement from the heart of God
  4. Frequent check-ins to hold you accountable
  5. Free challenge participation in our next 'Write your Book with God' challenge
Will you commit to spending as little as half an hour/an hour with God daily?
Will you commit to writing in His presence, to pen what He is placing on your heart?
I will commit to pouring into you and cheering you on.
I will believe in you that you can do it, and I will do my best to hold you accountable!
Constant progress will get you there! Why not start today?
Sow into your progress NOW:
Write Your Book With God - Enroll HERE: www.rewrittenlife.thinkific.com
This will be one of the greatest investments you'll ever have made! 
I am looking forward to seeing you birth your book!
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