Write your book with God

Have you been longing to write your book but never really got there?

Have distractions and life worn you down and stopped you from making your dream come true?
Maybe you’ve started writing your book but lost heart and just never finished.
There are people out there who have been praying and waiting for your message.
They are craving for you to share your breakthrough with them!
They are waiting for you to steward well the message the King of kings has placed into your heart. 
They need you to finally give birth to the book you have been incubating for so long!
We believe that in Him we can do all things, and that this power is multiplied in community. One of us alone may slay a thousand excuses, but two together can slay 10,000!
Only imagine what can happen when there are 30 or more of us!?!!!
Excuses and lies that whisper we cannot do it won't stand a chance!!!

We invite you to get your 2021 KINGDOM WRITERS' ONLINE COURSE ACCESS PASS that includes membership in our writers' community A COMPANY OF SCRIBES FOR THE KING where we help and support each other in our progress. Our family of writers values the power of accountability and community. We are willing to invest in each other as well as ourselves and our progress!  We help each other see best possible progress in our hearts' dreams coming true.
Will you commit to writing your book in Papa's presence and seeing your book birthed?
Yes, YOU CAN DO IT! You are going to WRITE THIS BOOK!!!
All it takes is spending as little as half an hour or an hour with God daily, writing in His presence and pouring out on paper what He is placing inside our heart! Constant progress will get you there!

We will love to help you set your goal and advance toward it together, holding you accountable and celebrating every step of the way, from the introduction to the epilogue!
Let's do this together! The time is NOW!

There is a fee of $197 USD for your virtual boarding pass to sow into your progress.
If your heart is stirred, please sign up NOW to secure your pass!

What does the  2021 KINGDOM WRITERS' ONLINE COURSE look like?
  1. Daily encouragement from the heart of God to help you get started into your daily writing session. These loving words from God will boost your energy, encourage you to write and advance you toward your personal goal.
  2. There will be a daily assignment to help you progress in planning and writing your book.
  3. You are invited to "go live" in our private Facebook community and share what Papa places on your heart on a regular basis, as well as post and encourage others on their writing journey. You are welcome to read what you have written (or post excerpts of your writing) for mutual feedback.
  4. There will be regular writing tips, surprises and special guests to help you stay focused! We have had great interviews with published authors who share their secrets of success of how they got there!
  5. Consult with our amazing editor and graphic designer whom you might want to work with to edit and publish your book - receive a special discount if you choose to work with them!
  6. Receive a final prize for the race well run when you finish your manuscript!


We are committed to writing alongside each other to see our books launched. We hold each other accountable, and cheer each other on to be the best, most diligent and faithful writers ever, as we write for the audience and pleasure of the One who has already rewritten our lives!

You know you want this, so sign up NOW.
We are looking forward to welcoming you in our group!
Love, Joanna (rewritten.life) & Janet (editor & self-publishing coach)
P.S. If you'd rather like to join our next LIVE Kingdom Writers' "30 Days to Write your Book" Challenge (Reloaded!), please send me a message. We may even start as soon as next month!


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